Q: How much will it cost?

A: Phase 1.  It will remodel the existing 18,000 square foot building, creating an adult auditorium for 360 people, classrooms for safe, age appropriate, and fun experiences where our children and students can grow their faith.  Our architects and general contractors estimate this project to cost $2.6M.


Phase 2 will run concurrent with or shortly after the completion of Phase1. We will construct approximately 20,000 square feet of new space which will include an auditorium with 630 seats in addition to multi-use space.  After discussions with contractors and city officials and obtaining plans from our architect, the projected cost for Phase 1 construction is $3M. We will begin Phase 2 work in stages as the Lord provides additional funds. 



Q: Is it too late to give to Vision 20/20?

A: It is not too late to give to Vision 20/20.  We ask that each household that contributes to Vision 20/20 would first enter into a conversation with God asking, “Lord, what do you want to do through me in regard to Vision 20/20?”  Then…RESPOND.  When you’ve heard God’s leading for your household, respond by either completing a Vision 20/20 commitment card and return it to the church or set up recurring giving through this website on the “Give Now” page.


Q: How do I make a contribution, get a commitment card, and/or set up recurring giving?

A: The Vision 20/20...AND BEYOND Capital Campaign pledge period is three years, ending in April of 2022.  You are welcome to join us in giving whenever you are comfortable.  Go to the Give Now page to download a commitment card or one can be emailed to you.  Also, you can set up recurring giving on the Give Now page by clicking the button next to “Make this gift recurring”.


Q: Is the commitment over and above my regular giving to Living The Word Church?

A: Yes. It is very important that you not shift your giving from the ministry/operating general fund to Vision 20/20.  Vision 20/20 is over and above your regular giving.


Q: How long will I have to complete my Vision 20/20 commitment?

A: The giving period is three years, beginning in May of 2019 and ending April of 2022. 


Q: Who will see my commitment card?

A: Living The Word Church takes the privacy of our contributors very seriously.  Only the Financial Director and the Executive Team of Vision 20/20 will have access to commitment cards.


Q: When will the project be complete?  When will we worship in our new church?

A: With your sacrificial giving, we project that phase one will be complete Summer 2021.